STORYBOOK vintage style romper

  • Material: 100% medium weight woven cotton
  • Size:   from 3-6 months (68 cm) to 2 years (92cm). If the size you're looking for is not available as "ready to ship", you can still order this romper by selecting the option "made to order", depending on fabric availability. 

  • Price: The price refers to ONE STORYBOOK romper only. You can choose between 2 different models each  showcasing a different characters combination on two different shades of green: light jade green for the girly romper and light spring green for the unisex romper. Read further for more details.


Do you remember the fable of The Country Mouse and The City Mouse? It used to be one of my favorites when I was little and I remember every little detail of it. The country mouse of my youth was quite malnourished and didn't look that healthy to be honest, but I can't say the same about the sweet characters of this collection. Growing up I came across different versions of this story, all equally adorable and each with its unique traits. The colorful illustrations on these lovely STORYBOOK rompers were made exclusively for my shop by the talented UK based illustrator Anastasia Wessex, who made my small big dream come true. Look at all those adorable mice! They just want to make you join them and enjoy the country life. This vintage style romper comes in 2 different shades of green, each one showcasing a different pattern. Also, the two models differ from each other due to a couple details that make one of the two rompers probably more appealing to those seeking a girly type of garment.

  • LIGHT SPRING GREEN - "The city mouse and the cheese mouse" pattern - with simple shoulder straps. This STORYBOOK romper features two male characters: the elegant city mouse wearing his elegant red bow tie, blouse, cilinder hat and holding a walking cane in his hand and the cheerful and satisfied looking cheese mouse in his wooden clogs, proudly showing his freshly made cheese. Will the city mouse appreciate the authentic taste of this country cheese? The background color is a lovely Light Spring Green. The shoulder straps close on the front bib with real working round coconut wooden buttons and contrasting blue metal snaps at the crotch make diaper changing a breeze. Other than in the girly version of this romper, there is no elastic in the legs.


  • LIGHT JADE GREEN - "Strawberries Party" pattern - with flutters on the shoulders and elastic at the legs:  This vintage style STORYBOOK rompers differs from the previous one thanks to a couple details that will probably make it more appealing to those looking for a girlier type of garment: the shoulder straps have flutters and the leg openings look gathered due to the elastic. Just like the unisex version, the shoulder straps close ont he front bib with real working round coconut wooden buttons and opens at the crotch with metal snaps. Diaper changing will be a minute's work. The pattern features male as well as female characters. Anyone loving those delicious small red fruits called strawberries? Then this romper may appeal to you, with all the tiny mice busy tending to these tasty fruits and turning them into exquisite cakes and jams. One of them doesn't look that busy though. It looks like he's enjoying his day, or maybe just his pause taking a nap under a lovely strawberry plant. The color of the background is a light jade green, thus different from the green shade of the unisex romper.


Even though each one of these vintage style rompers features a different background color, characters and construction details, they are all cute and comfy and made from 100% medium weight cotton. They are the perfect garments for warmer Spring and Summer days, but can be easily leayered during cooler days.  

As suggested by its name, the STORYBOOK romper seems to come straight out of the closet of a storybook character and will sure make a very appreciated gift to every nostalgic soul. 


Please note that that you will receive an item similar to the one portrayed in the photos, but that the actual pattern placement may vary. Each item is handmade and therefore unique.