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In my online shop you will find handmade baby- and children's apparel inspired by fables and (fairy) tales, tiny creatures and nature

Celebrating children's whimsical imagery and their natural curiosity for books

All clothing is handmade by me, Daria, in my very small and cozy creativity home lab in The Netherlands.

Current Collections


THE MAGICAL TEATIME COLLECTION - Are you familiar with those dangerous fire-spitting dragons that terrorize everyone and everything around them? Well, forget about them! The talented Rosalinde Bonnet, children's books illustrator, introduces us to a completely different breed of dragons. Her chill, tea-sipping dragons read books and enjoy the company of elves, fairies and other lovely creatures. Definitely nothing you should be afraid of! (The illustrations for this collection are copyright of Rosalinde Bonnet www.rosalindebonnet.com)


THE COUNTRY MOUSE AND THE CITY MOUSE COLLECTION - If you don't remember the tale of The Country Mouse and The City Mouse then you'll need to make an effort. This is one of Aesopus' most famous tales. This lovely collection is inspired by that story and will sure grab everyone's attention with all those tiny hardworking mice. Well, not all of them are doing their best, but life in the country is not just made of  tiring chores. You can have fun too, dance, relax, go for a walk, sip a warm cup of tea, play the guitar and much more. This collection will make you want to leave town... right now!  (The illustrations for this collection are copyright of Anastasia Wessex www.anastasiawessex.com)



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