HOGWARTS organic comfy long pants

  • Material: Organic loopback jersey (light sweater) from 97%  organic cotton + 3% lycra// ankle cuffs and waistband from organic ribbing ribbing  (95% organic cotton + 5% lycra).

  • Size: from 0-3 months (62 cm) up to 18-24 months (92 cm). If the size you're looking for is not ready to ship, you can still order it by choosing the "made-to-order" option (the realization time is 2 to 3 weeks, but probably much shorter. If you need it sooner, just get in touch and ask. It may just take as little as a few days) 

  • Price:  the price refers to ONE pair of  organic HOGWARTS comfy pants ONLY. You can choose between 3 colors/patterns.


Super comfy and roomy, these organic pants in harem lstyle (even though with center seams) show off the adorable mice that talented illustrator Anastasia Wessex designed for The Country Mouse and The City Mouse Collection.

The main material is a light sweater fabric (organic loopback jersey) in organic cotton with a small percentage of lycra to ensure they are stretchy and comfortable, while the foldable waistband and ankle cuffs are made from an organic ribbing jersey and are meant to be adjusted according to the length of the child's legs.

You can choose between 2 colors and 3 patterns:

  • LIGHT CREAM "The City Mouse" pattern - This pattern features male characters only. We'll refer to it as "The City Mouse" pattern, because here you see the elegant city mouse making his appearance. Despite of his cilinder hat, a bow tie and a walking-cane he definitely isn't stealing the show. How about all the other cute fellow country mice? There's even one wearing wooden clogs! The background and main color is a light cream which pops up thanks to the contrasting brown hue of waistband and ankle cuffs.


  • BLUE "Chores" pattern - Every little mouse in this pattern looks very busy, but they all wear a smile on their face, because they just love their quiet and peaceful life in the country. Can you spy the little girl eating her chunk of cheese? And the lady hanging the laundry just got mail. The cheesemaker in his clogs shows off his freshly made cheese and the strawberry plants are being tended too. The background is a beautiful blue which contrasts nicely with the darker yet cheerful blue of the waist band and anke cuffs.


  • LIGHT CREAM "Strawberries Party" pattern - This pattern features male as well as female characters. Sweet red strawberries are everywhere and every mouse is working hard to tend to the plants, bake cakes and carry the fruit. Well... all but one! Did you spot the young mouse taking a nap under a strawberry plant and enjoying life? Doesn't he look extremely satisfied? The background and main color is a light cream which pops up thanks to the contrasting brown hue of waistband and ankle cuffs.


Soft and easy to wear, The HOGWARTS pants are meant to grow with your baby or kid and have all it takes to make sure their day is going to be a good one! The hardest part is picking out only one of the three!

Please note that each item is unique and that you will receive an item similar to the one in the photos. Pattern placement can vary, but you will receive a garment of the same quality and attention to details.