Museum Market, 21 May 2023

Published on 22 May 2023 at 12:44

What a fantastic and satisfying day yesterday at the Museum Market in Amsterdam! Time went pretty fast for such a looong market day and I went home happy and with a feeling of accomplishement.

Wohooo, it's springtime! The veeery long awaited Spring knocked at every Dutch door lately. The weather is beautiful (I really can't bring myself to say warm 😅, but beautiful for sure) which always makes me wake up happy and ready to do whatever it is I am planning to do. Yesterday I was standing at the wonderful Museum Market in Amsterdam where I introduced The Country Mouse and The City Mouse Collection to the market visitors. All the adorable mice in this collection were created by the talented Anastasia Wessex, a fantastic illustrator that you can check out @ She designs her own cards, makes paintings and started illustrating children's books as well. She has an Etsy shop as well as her own online shop, so if you see something you like, you know it won't be that hard to make it yours.

The Country Mouse and The City Mouse collection was received with a lot of enthousiasm and I can definitely say it was a success :-) My garments will be traveling to Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, the UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia... and it's very exciting to know some of them are traveling that far to reach the little ones who will be wearing them.

The Magical TeaTime Collection never disappoints. Everybody just loves it and I will be eternally grateful to children's books author and illustrator Rosalinde Bonnet for the opportunity of having her beautiful artwork on my clothing. Everybody is crazy about that out- of-the-ordinary dragon and all those tiny details. By the way, last March Rosalinde's newest book DU BALAI, PETITS COCHONS ! came out. It's in French (for now, but hopefully it will be translated into other languages soon). Of course I purchased it immediately and even though my French is kind of 🙄, I could easily read it and I loved it! It's a revisitation of the fable of the three little pigs and the wolf, sweet and humorous at the same time. More about it soon.

I am working hard on the new collection right and everything that revolves around it. I will keep you posted. Don't forget to keep an eye on my Instagram account, though. I definitely am not an IG star or planning to become one anytime soon (or ever, for that matter 😂) but every now and then I show something on there too. 😉

Talk to you all soon! 

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